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Step 3

Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake at Home

How To Make Cheesecake at Home Supplies Used: Cheesecake Factory Classic Premium Cheesecake Mix Eggs Butter Cheese The cake mix looked simple enough.   Add a few ingredients, whip, scrape bowl, add a few more ingredients,

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Look Glass Eggs

Looking Glass Easter Eggs

How To Make Looking Glass Easter Eggs Supplies Used: Plastic Easter Eggs Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Like Spray Paint Scissors Empty Egg Carton With a pair of household scissors, cut the little plastic strip that

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PomPom Spiders

DIY Pom Pom Monster Spiders

How To Make DIY Pom Pom Monster Spiders Supplies Used: Paper Straws Yarn Craft or floral wire wooden beads small pom-poms wiggley eyes Black Craft Paint Empty Paper Towel roll Black/White Baker’s Twine scissors, wire

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DIY Christmas Trees

How To Make DIY Christmas Trees using Air Dry Clay Supplies Used: White Air Dry Clay butter knife wax paper fine grit sand paper (I used 220) dowel rod pieces (cut to size) ribbon paint

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Step 8

Easy Farmhouse Fall Sign

How To Make Easy Farmhouse Fall Sign Supplies Used: Picture Frame   (We got ours at Hobby Lobby earlier this year) White Foam Board Small 6″ grapevine wreath  (we got ours at Dollar Tree) Stick

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Tin Can Pine Cone Planters

How To Make Tin Can Pine Cone Planters Supplies Used: Tin cans in various sizes 12 pine cones Wire Cutter Scissors E6000 glue 12 pine cones were used for this project.   Depending on the

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