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marble suncatcher 11


How To Make A DIY Marble Suncatcher Mobile We had so much fun making our marble tea lights last week that we decided to make another marble craft.  This time we used wood craft sticks and twine

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Faux Succulent Planter Main

Faux Succulent Planters

How To Make A Faux Succulent Planter Last weekend I stopped at our local plant nursery to pick up a few succulents for this project.  I couldn’t believe that they didn’t have any.   None.

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Paper Straw Bats Overview

Halloween Paper Straw Bats

How To Make Halloween Paper Straw Bats Supplies Used: Corrugated cardboard Halloween paper straws Black card stock Bakers twine Glue Wiggly eyes Scissors Print a bat template from on-line or draw your own.   Cut

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Elegant Eggs Picture 28

Elegant Easter Eggs

With my children being older, the traditional dying of hard-boiled eggs has passed. However, I still love having a few decorated eggs for Easter.   This year I wanted to come up with a unique

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Tin Like Star 18

DIY Polish Star Tutorial

Over the weekend, I was doing more Pinterest surfing, than I was project completing. This is a problem when I am past due in posting a new project to share. I came across a post

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