Wow, it’s May, when did that happen?  Can’t believe my kids are just weeks away from the last day of school and then it’s Memorial Day.  Many people see Memorial Day as the kick off to summer, but it is so much more.  We Always Remember is a patriotic craft with an important message about supporting our troops and honoring those in service and especially those who gave all.

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

 This day of remembrance was originally called Decoration Day and started some time after the Civil War to honor those who lost their lives in that war.  However, after World War I, the day evolved to include all wars.   In 1971 Memorial Day became an official federal holiday and moved from its original date of May 30th, to the last Monday in May in order to make a 3 day weekend.

For this project I used:

 Blue heavy paper
Red heavy paper
A canvas board
Star Stamp
Alphabet Stamp Set
White and Black Stamp Pad
frame to match the size of the canvas used
 I tore the red paper into strips.  Yes ripped, by hand.  If you are one of those people who like straight lines . . . then this project may not be for you.   Next, I tore a square out of the blue scrapbook paper.   The size of the strips and square will depend on the size background you are using.  I used an 11×14 inch canvas board.

Using a white stamp pad and a star stamp, I stamped random stars on the blue paper.

I used standard craft glue and only put glue on the ends of the paper and attached the red strips to the canvas board.     Next I glued the blue square in the corner.  I was a little more liberal with the glue on the blue square and lightly covered the entire back with glue.

Using my alphabet stamps and a black stamp pad,  I stamped on the words I wanted.

Once the glue dried, I trimmed the edges where the paper was hanging over the canvas.

 I popped it into a frame for display.    This was almost too easy and it really turned out just like I had envisioned.


What I love most about this is how the ripped paper gives the picture a feeling of movement, almost like the flag is blowing in the wind.
If you enjoyed this project, we’d appreciate if you’d pin it!  Thanks for sharing.
 If you are currently or have ever served in the armed forces, we thank you for your service.
 Thank you for sharing!
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